A BootPamper is someone who dreams, who believes in a bright future, who wants to build it for himself and for others.

A BootPamper is someone who does a fund-raising by himself, but always finds time to nurture his passion for art, walk every day for 2 hours and do fitness, who thinks always of other people – recycling trash because he loves the environment – while in his Gucci vintage jacket.

A BootPamper loves combining fun, but also relax; friends but also quiet times; enjoys a dinner at Four Seasons, but he’s good also with a pizza at the corner store.

A BootPamper is creative, innovative, doesn’t follow the trends purely – but tries to create them; they are not exposing brands, but find the new niche one – because they like them (and not to be liked).

A BootPamper is someone who loves luxury, but understated!