SHAKE Nutrition is a focus during our BOOTPAMP Villa experience.
An essential component of our body and soul equilibrium.
A customised series of shakes with the most appropriate ingredients and packaged in a made-to-measure design will accompany your journey
COCKTAIL BOOTPAMP is not only training and workout, it is a way of living and an occasion to socialise. That’s why we have created our unique drinks and signature cocktails to make you feel energised along the way. JEWELLERY every journey has to be characterised by an iconic symbol that will remind us of the reason why we have undertaken it.
Our jewellery will always be with us and show the world we are part of this community.
DAILY RITUAL As a never-ending circle, our signature rituals will bring you from early morning to the late evening with a series of daily gestures, stretching postures and invigorating infusions, all designed to bring our lives into balance. WORK OUT working out is at the centre of our attention as a core activity of our lifestyle experience. Dedicated personalised sessions have been carefully designed by our experts to leverage our guests’ performance, developing their skills and building outstanding results. MUSIC A world without music would be grey and sad.
At BOOTPAMP we believe that music is synonymous with happiness and happiness is an essential ingredient in personal and professional success. For this reason, music will always be with us at the Villa, with the most famous DJ’s sounds and made-to-measure playlists
ENERGY DRINK - INNERJY At BOOTPAMP we value the idea of innovation in any aspect of the everyday life. That’s why we decided to collaborate with Innerji, a brand new revitalizing antioxidant drink to keep you going, by activating blood flow to muscles and tissue to energize the body.
Made with a unique caffeine free herb called Jiaogulan, it gives you energy without any nasties (no caffeine, no taurine). A natural way to energize and revitalize the body