The BOOTPAMP Villa 12 people maximum in a luxury villa in Ibiza - COVID compliant - where all fun, entertainment, pampering and fitness experiences are
brought inside the villa.

No more outside exploring (with masks) - but everything inside the villa - without mask and just happiness!
The BOOTPAMP Villa A unique place where you will be able to feel luxury in any corner, from your private room with bathroom, to pool and common areas and many many more surprises that we are implementing, always with the goal to pamper you at best! The BOOTPAMP Villa BOOTPAMP wants to bring you back to a week of luxury and pampering that you need after lockdowns.

Our villas are a unique combination of luxury and style where guests will stay in double bedroom with private bathrooms and share common areas - with lots of private spaces to disconnect and recharge
The BOOTPAMP Villa A blank canvas ready to be filled with your favourite passions.
We believe the universe is all about energy exchange.
The BOOTPAMP Villa will be a rich repository of all the positive energy and fun that our guests and staff can bring.
The BOOTPAMP Villa Imagine to step into a park, fully decorated in theme with your interests, arts everywhere, a DJ by the pool, a masseur waiting for you, a waiter with BOOTPAMP iconic cocktail next to you while you take photos with our photographer by the pool.

This is the BootPamp Villa Experience
The BOOTPAMP Villa The BOOTPAMP Villa comes from the vision of our Founder fused with the ideas of international interior designers so that it embodies the values of BOOTPAMP.