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A week where fitness meets art in the perfect environment of our villa. The NEON GALLERY, one of the most upcoming London art galleries will share with us its gems and the young artists immerse themselves in the BOOTPAMP routine to get inspired. Meet them during your staying at the art week


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Gary Ward will be the fitness leader of this edition and under his guidance your performances will reach new levels. His expertise and knowledge will reboot your body

The international chef Yaniv Cohen is the natural choice for creating the perfect menu.

His menu at BOOTPAMP will be inspired by IBIZA itself, by its history and the Mediterranean Sea that surrounds us. We will take our guests on a delicious culinary journey along the Mediterranean shore, from the Spanish islands to France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel and all the way back to Ibiza  via Tunisia and Morocco.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and all-day menus using fresh local products and ingredients, fruits, spices, herbs as well as wild fish and meats, with your health and wishes in mind, will be served al fresco while you enjoy the beautiful inspiring views of the magical island we call Ibiza.

Training is essential but dedicating time to your interests is mandatory at BOOTPAMP.  Conversational moments with emerging artists, a curated selection of international art provided by NEON GALLERY, all under the same roof as well as off-site excursions where you will discover the local architecture will complete your holidays.

The overall philosophy behind BOOTPAMP is to give new strength and energy to the guests who will stay with us. Passion, and a balanced dedication to both your body and soul will define our signature experience. A path through the art of XXI century curated by NEON GALLERY  will nourish your curiosity and expectations as you become part of the artistic world

What makes this edition different is the approach to art. At BOOTPAMP our expert will select and suggest an unique piece from NEON GALLERY to bring it back home with you. The Art Edition package includes a  £1.500 investment for supporting our emerging artists and the Edition Art Manager will investigate and discuss with you, either you are a collector or simply an art lover and find the perfect match that suits your taste.

The BOOTPAMP Villa will be our temple, our shelter, our lighthouse. It’s the place where all energies converge, where your body will rebirth and your soul regenerate. We will always be there to assist and guide you towards your new future.

This incredible and stylish architecture will welcome you at your arrival with its clean and sharp shapes . The aesthetic sequence of big glasses and white walls will illuminate and enlighten the whole structure, giving to the ambient a peaceful harmony. The perfection of volumes and balance between the internal and external spaces will inspire fluidity to your movements and make you comfortable in floating around. You will be able to isolate in the peace of cool and stylish minimalistic rooms perfectly decorated and customized for your needs or immerse yourself in a lush vegetation, rich in trees and flowers, to absorb the energy of the island. The spectacular outdoor pool will be the perfect venue after a training session to relax, in the evening for a fancy cocktail or at night for enjoying the music

You are on holiday and personalised little touches can make the difference between a normal trip and a life changing experience. Goodies are our specialty and at BOOTPAMP your needs are our top  priority.

A RON DORFF goodie bag with some of the trendiest pieces of their collection will delight your staying and make you fell fashionable and comfortable

At BOOTPAMP we provide the latest non-invasive aesthetic treatments, using bespoke techniques to maximise results. In partnership with a global aesthetic clinic, we favour market leading technology and products known to deliver exceptional treatments for body sculpting, skin perfecting, wrinkle relaxing, lip filling & jawline & chin contouring amongst much more.

Our vision is to provide the best evidence-based treatments to the highest standard of care in a beautiful environment with state of the art facilities, delivered by highly skilled therapists & practitioners.

We believe in a holistic approach to aesthetic medicine, taking the time to really get to know our clients and their specific needs, lifestyle and genetics whether they are new to the world of aesthetics, or keen to keep themselves up-to-date with the very latest treatments and practices. This will allow us to create precise, personalised treatment programmes that target issues at their core, and deliver long-lasting results that look natural and feel beautiful.

At BOOTPAMP we wanna let you explore the beauty of the island as part of the whole experience, see the magical coasts and dive in crystal waters far from the multitude. On board of our luxury yacht/catamaran you will spend a full day of fitness at open air and pamper your sole in front of Ibiza