NEON GALLERY Neon Gallery is committed to trailblazing a unique path to a more transparent and engaging art experience. One that values a personal journey of education, inspiration and discovery. Neon views diversity as strength, and essential to leveraging the rapid growth of the global art market on behalf of their clients. They are reimagining the very idea of what it means to be a gallery that serves the evolving needs of contemporary culture. COWSHED Holidays can’t be considered perfect without routine moments dedicated to our body and face care. In sponsorship with COWSHED, at BOOTPAMP we have created a skin routine to treat yourself with rich, natural products alongside dedicated packages to pamper your soul. Being trendy is a state of mind, while working out or sipping a cocktail at the pool. Our collaboration with Ron Dorff will allow us to define a stylish environment in which our guests will immerse themselves.
Ron Dorff stands for a unique idea of timeless, urban sportswear mixing the pure lines of Swedish functionality with a touch of French style. The brand revisits the great classics of men’s sportswear from the past and upgrades them with contemporary fabrics for pure comfort and function, whether worn at the gym, at home or at work.
Nutrition is a key factor at BOOTPAMP and the partnership with EXALT is a real proof of our intentions. EXALT is the easy way to maintain a healthy diet alongside a busy day. Offering high-protein smoothies and also cold-pressed juices, supercharged with natural supplements.

Everything is made fresh to order and crafted by hand using all-natural ingredients and nothing else. EXALT even makes its own organic whey & plant-based protein blends from scratch, a perfect solution before and after our fitness activities.