Safety is a priority at BOOTPAMP and we have implemented a procedure to guarantee the best conditions to participate in this experience.

  1. All guests will be tested 48 hours before departure through a test kit sent by BootPamp and approved by local authorities
  2. We will request all guests to self-isolate for the 48 hours before departure
  3. We will test all guests before entering BootPamp
  4. All staff will be kept in a self-isolated bubble
  5. BootPamp is designed to reboot and pamper connecting with nature. 90% of activities will be performed open-air
  6. We are working closely with the Department of Health of Ibiza to comply to all requirements and regulation – and further design additional methodologies to ensure the safety of our BootPampers

In case you can’t join BOOTPAMP due to your country Covid-19 restrictions or Spain restrictions we guarantee a total refund within one week before the edition 

In case you can’t join BOOTPAMP because positive to covid-19 we will try to manage a re-booking of your holidays according to availabilities, price level and kind of edition.

We have built a solid company also recognized by local and international partners we are working with. 

We have long expertise in building startups launching successful projects and experience in the luxury industry. 

Should you find the level of service not in line with the expectations, we will refund the price of the edition (within 48 hours from your arrival and based on indisputable complaints)

At BOOTPAMP we are open to evaluate your requests, considering the experience will take place in a wonderful villa hosting only a few people. If you are a small group of less than 12 people please contact concierge@bootpamp.com to evaluate your customized edition

The BOOTPAMAP is all inclusive as soon as you arrive at the Villa for food and beverage (based on the menu list), fitness activities (with the trainers), meditation/yoga classes (with teachers) and villa facilities (pool, room service). Spa treatments and off site trips will be upon request and subject to charges.

Yes! Some guests are solo travellers and we can match you

There are no minimum fitness requirements

At BOOTOPAMP we value immensely tranquility. For this reason we have both inside the villa and in the garden dedicated spaces to relax and meditate ​