Covid-19 & BootPamp Ltd.

At BootPamp we are creating an oasis of peace and fun – far from the negativity of the day to day world in order for our BootPampers to reboot their energy and pamper their interests.
Creating a safe environment is our first and utmost priority.
It’s not just regulations, our guests – it is our ethos.
BootPamp is designed to be a self-isolated bubble of good energy in Ibiza.
Which are the steps we are taking to guarantee we over-achieve this:
  1. All guests will be tested 48 hours before departure through a test kit sent by BootPamp and approved by local authorities
  2. We will request all guests to self-isolate for the 48 hours before departure
  3. We will test all guests before entering BootPamp
  4. All staff will be kept in a self-isolated bubble
  5. BootPamp is designed to reboot and pamper connecting with nature. 90% of activities will be performed open-air
  6. 6. We are working closely with the Department of Health of Ibiza to comply to all requirements and regulation – and further design additional methodologies to ensure the safety of our BootPampers
We are sure that the future is bright and next summer we will have lesser restrictions thanks to the work of everybody in respecting rules and other events like vaccine distribution.